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Hard copy and ebook formats

It’s the hands-on handbook that collaboration professionals and decision-makers have been crying out for.



Collaboration is being talked about everywhere. Social collaboration tools are being rolled out daily, yet are struggling to deliver on the promise of seamless cross-organisational collaboration. Poor adoption. Confusion. Change stress. Uncertainty. These are just some of the challenges that come with the proliferation of social collaboration tools and their expansive feature sets.

To find answers we need to look past the tools. We need to understand that tools don’t switch on collaboration, people do. We need to change the conversation from ‘collaboration tools’ to collaborative people.

Based on fifteen years’ hands on experience, and written in an easy-going, plain language style, Designing Collaboration sets out a framework of seven elements designed to evolve and build the behaviours necessary for people to become great collaborators in the digital workplace. The hands-on guide you've been looking for, there when you really need it.

Collaboration tools don’t create collaboration just by being present. Collaboration occurs when the tools are used by collaborative people.

Designing Collaboration puts people and collaborative behaviours back at the centre of the discussion, where they should be.

Designing Collaboration book

Vanessa DiMauro

CEO, Leader Networks

Faculty at Columbia University, Information Strategy and Knowledge Management (IKNS)

Strategic collaboration in the digital age is the lifeblood of any thriving organization. It is, inarguably, an essential leadership skill. This book, 'Designing Collaboration', will enable you to develop the strategies and best practices to grow a world class company.  It provides powerful frameworks, examples, practical how-to’s, and change management techniques that can be put into action.


'Designing Collaboration' should be on the book shelf of every professional where information is a competitive advantage!

Mike Fraietta

Product Manager, Collaboration

BNY Mellon

Actually, your organization CAN innovate through collaboration! Alister and Andrew present clear methods and models to upgrade your organization to the digital age.

Dan Latendre

Founder & CEO

Igloo Software

Alister and Andrew have done a superb job with 'Designing Collaboration'. This is a must read for any organization to help them navigate today's seemingly complex digital workplace landscape.


Their years of experience is eloquently distilled into plain language that is both interesting and highly practical.


Read it today, and begin designing a better collaboration experience at your organization.

Toni Leemen

Manager, Employee Engagement

Department of Finance, Services and Innovation,

NSW Government

We have found 'Designing Collaboration' so helpful preparing the ground for new Office 365 tools coming down the line shortly.


Thank you very much for the insights you’ve provided to help everyone in our organisation prepare themselves for collaboration. We will really benefit from your ideas.

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