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Digital skills for collaborative teams and hybrid workplaces

Do you want to be a digital leader? We get you there, building behaviours, habits and competencies for the next normal

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"We have found Innosis' Designing Collaboration so helpful preparing the ground for new digital collaboration tools coming down the line shortly." - Toni Leemen, Manager Employee Engagement, NSW Gov

"The R2 Data Labs team at Rolls-Royce did some early stage trialling of Andrew Pope's (Designing Collaboration) new tools for team building and collaboration - we would highly recommend them!" - Caroline Gorski, Group Director, R2 Data Labs, Rolls Royce

"Alister and Andrew of Innosis have done a superb job with 'Designing Collaboration'. This is a must for any organization to help them navigate today's seemingly complex digital workplace landscape." - Dan Latendre, Founder and CEO, Igloo Software

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Find team ways of working, new techniques and boost collaboration with our Digital Team Builder game cards



Create High performing and interactive digital teams

Go beyond the functions, and create collaborative and high performing virtual teams. Teams that interact and make the most of the tools you have

Perfect for getting the most out of

Want to improve virtual working? We'll get your virtual teams working as a team. Click here for more


Find your need for change and get your people driving it

Find your need for change and build powerful networks across your business. Connect the workforce to the needs of your business, breathing life to social networks

Designed to get you going on

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Design active and creative digital communities

Create and manage digital communities that span disciplines and practices and find what's important for your business

Perfect for

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Build highly collaborative remote, distributed and blended teams that work to their strengths.

  • Find what's important

  • Learn new techniques

  • How to get there

  • Get engagement from those affected

  • See how it works here

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Build your digital strategy using our card-based strategy games.

  • Design digital teams
  • Create clear goals for digital working and overcome your blockers
  • Build a clear plan using our fun card-based play
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Drive the change through your organisation.

  • Identify the 'why'

  • Find what's important

  • Create pilot programs 

  • Coach and empower your people 

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Digital leaders don't just communicate the change, they empower the workforce.

  • Learn what makes engaging posts

  • Inspire 'the crowd'

  • How to drive autonomous yet focused work


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Books and playbooks to embed and sustain the change

  • Designing Collaboration handbook. The beating heart of digital collaboration

  • Role-based playbooks



Who are we?


We're Alister and Andrew. We’ve spent years understanding what makes collaboration and teamworking tick. The behaviours, habits and mechanics that make make digital working safe and trusted. Building confident and collaborative teams. 

Between us, we have built innovative and collaborative teams and communities across banking, telecommunications, government, engineering, oil and finance - to integrate teams, connect projects, solve problems and to create everyday innovators. All in the digital and hybrid workplaces of today.


About us
Andrew Pope
Partner & Consultant

My passion is creating workplace environments that stimulate conversations and innovation, through employee experiences, collaboration and innovation techniques.

As an innovation manager in a global engineering firm, my brief was to ‘make us be more innovative’. And that was it. Except that there wasn’t any budget. And so there began my approach to working on the behaviours rather than the tools – let the people drive the change. It’s more effective, sustainable and brings the best out of both people and the tools.

I started my journey as an environmental scientist, starting quite literally at the dirty end, measuring industrial emissions. From there, I have run several millions of dollars of projects, giving me a fantastic insight into client needs, business process, and how teams & individuals work in complex organisations.

This experience and a sense of curiosity took me into enterprise, running technology, innovation and knowledge management projects and collaboration initiatives within the engineering and finance sectors. And it's always been about the people! Now at Innosis, I work with some amazing companies, facilitating ideation, running workshops to build trust in collaboration and designing innovative workplaces around their social collaboration tools.

Outside of work, I am passionate about the outdoors, whether through cycling, hiking, photography or just quietly appreciating it with a coffee.

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Alister Webb
Partner & Consultant

My journey began in the early days of Intranets when I participated first hand in their evolution from static web pages to dynamic content management systems. More recently this has evolved into a world of collaboration tools and social platforms. Ultimately though, change isn’t about technology, it’s about the people we provide it for.  This has been my passion, to bring the people along on the journey so that they feel a part of these exciting changes - a win-win for individuals and the organisation.


My modus operandi is to constantly look for opportunities to leverage technology so it can accelerate business processes, improve ways of working, and stimulate thinking. Within a major telecommunications firm I pioneered the use of crowd-sourced internal expertise to solve business problems - focusing on the community aspects rather than a top-down, technology orientated approach. Not only did this bring significant commercial benefits, it also helped to release the combined knowledge and IP of a sizeable workforce.


Today we have a myriad of tools supporting KM and collaboration. Yet every day in my work as a social enterprise consultant I’m reminded that throwing platforms at a problem does not guarantee success. It does not bring the people along with us. Money is wasted if we don't evolve collaborative behaviours and do the simple things like ensure everyone is working towards a shared and understood goal

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