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The best way to see the future of work is to create it

We save you time. We help you connect your organisation.
Coaching and strategies to build smarter, productive and time saving ways of work in Microsoft 365. Designed for today's and tomorrow's hybrid workplace

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Helping these organisations work smarter

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Practical coaching 

Simplify, save time, work smarter

  • Productivity coaching to save time and increase visibility

  • Techniques to reduce meetings

  • Digital leadership coaching

  • Techniques to move away from email

  • Microsoft 365 collaboration skills

  • Asynchronous working techniques

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Workplace strategies

  • Microsoft 365 adoption and engagement strategies 

  • Four day week strategies

  • Hybrid working strategies

  • Team charters and ways of work

  • Enterprise social network strategies

  • Community building

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Tools and resources to always find the "what's in it for me" with new ways of work

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Workshop and coaching game cards

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Microlearning and scaling

Books and playbooks


Who are we?


We're Alister and Andrew. We’ve spent years understanding what makes collaboration and teamworking tick. The behaviours, habits and mechanics that make make digital working safe and trusted. Building confident and collaborative teams. 

Between us, we have built innovative and collaborative teams and communities across banking, telecommunications, government, engineering, oil and finance - to integrate teams, connect projects, solve problems and to create everyday innovators. All in the digital and hybrid workplaces of today.


About us
Andrew Pope
Partner & Consultant

Digital and hybrid working starts with the people, not the tools. With so much technology at our disposal, we can easily be distracted by functions and features, not what we want to achieve. My passion is to help teams, departments and organisations be empowered to work smarter. To make work less crap and to maximise the potential that exists within Microsoft 365.  

I started my journey as an environmental scientist, starting quite literally at the dirty end, measuring industrial emissions. From there, I have run several millions of dollars of projects, giving me a fantastic insight into client needs, business process, and how teams & individuals work in complex organisations.

I now build hybrid working practices and coach digital skills to leaders and teams. I helps people move to smarter working practices such as asynchronous, goal driven and more visible, and to overcome common issues such as ‘always on’, too many meetings, poor communication, lack of alignment and lack of digital confidence. I can help you to drive more productivity and gain valuable skills in Microsoft 365.

I have worked with UK and Australian Government departments and global industry leaders to move their practices to collaborative, open and more productive ways of work.

Outside of work, I am passionate about the outdoors, whether through cycling, hiking, photography or just quietly appreciating it with a coffee.

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Alister Webb
Partner & Consultant

My journey began in the early days of Intranets when I participated first hand in their evolution from static web pages to dynamic content management systems. More recently this has evolved into a world of collaboration tools and social platforms. Ultimately though, change isn’t about technology, it’s about the people we provide it for.  This has been my passion, to bring the people along on the journey so that they feel a part of these exciting changes - a win-win for individuals and the organisation.


My modus operandi is to constantly look for opportunities to leverage technology so it can accelerate business processes, improve ways of working, and stimulate thinking. Within a major telecommunications firm I pioneered the use of crowd-sourced internal expertise to solve business problems - focusing on the community aspects rather than a top-down, technology orientated approach. Not only did this bring significant commercial benefits, it also helped to release the combined knowledge and IP of a sizeable workforce.


Today we have a myriad of tools supporting KM and collaboration. Yet every day in my work as a social enterprise consultant I’m reminded that throwing platforms at a problem does not guarantee success. It does not bring the people along with us. Money is wasted if we don't evolve collaborative behaviours and do the simple things like ensure everyone is working towards a shared and understood goal

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