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Who are we, and why choose us...

How we apply our experience to build maturity

Innovation is now driving the agenda of many businesses. As the way to stay ahead or simply just to compete in a fast-moving marketplace.

In the past innovation has been treated as a separate 'incubator' function, focusing on isolated teams coming up with ideas. This has shifted. Today we realise that there is far more value in leveraging the combined intellectual capital of the workforce across our people networks. Every day, as part of their job. But to take full advantage of this means understanding how innovation unfolds and emerges. We need to understand its strong connection to thriving online networks. How building these networks is the foundation of an innovation culture.

Our Innovation Maturity Model may look simple on the surface, but it is underpinned by years of work building online communities, creating innovation programs and developing sound collaborative behaviours within organisations. And most importantly, how we've helped give people the confidence to have a say. Innosis is founded on a deep understanding of the fundamental connection between collaborative networks and the everyday innovation it produces - the kind of everyday innovation businesses are now looking for. 

Each step on it's own has it's own tangible benefit to individuals and the business. It's easy to see how applying simple measures, such as clarity of purpose and effective guidance, begin to develop a maturity that turns their digital toolset from an operational overhead into into a vehicle for change and success.

Go a level further and engage the workforce by understanding what stops them working out loud, collaborating effectively, then remove these barriers so that people can problem-solve openly and more effectively.

As the focus narrows towards innovation, we can expect ideas to develop. To create tangible opportunities this is the time to look at disrupting the flow of knowledge and working practices. Empowering conversations as a disruptive force by bringing in new inputs, connecting strands and cross-pollinating different perspectives.

Ultimately it's creative thinking that produces genuine innovation. Each step up the maturity ladder moves you towards that point, and will reap its own rewards along the way.

Contact us here at Innosis. Let us know where you think your organisation sits on the maturity path, and what the barriers to progress might be. We have a vast array of solutions, simple measures like producing a vision through to running creative thinking workshops, to help you remove those barriers and move you towards the ultimate goal of an innovative workforce.

Who are we?

Andrew Pope
Partner & Consultant

My career began as an environmental scientist, monitoring emissions and looking for 'nasty' things in the air. Always wanting to reinvent, I embarked on a journey taking me through project and commercial management where I had to be innovative to keep to tight margins and deadlines – to knowledge and innovation management.


As an innovation manager for technology in a global engineering firm, my brief was to ‘make us be more innovative’. And that was it. Except that there wasn’t any budget. And so there began my approach to working on the behaviours rather than the tools – let the people drive the change. It’s more effective, sustainable and brings the best out of both people and the tools.


My knowledge management journey began with a typical scenario: managing an intranet roll-out where I had to learn the technology quickly, as no-one else had experience! From here, I quickly changed the focus to leveraging collaboration across the platform. From here, I have looked to optimise tools and process by working with people: understanding client needs and translating that into effective collaboration.


I have also implemented a global commuity management framework for an investment bank, integrating offshore teams and building collaborative behaviours.

Alister Webb
Partner & Consultant

My journey began in the early days of Intranets when I participated first hand in their evolution from static web pages to dynamic content management systems. More recently this has evolved into a world of collaboration tools and social platforms. Ultimately though, change isn’t about technology, it’s about the people we provide it for.  This has been my passion, to bring the people along on the journey so that they feel a part of these exciting changes - a win-win for individuals and the organisation.


My modus operandi is to constantly look for opportunities to leverage technology so it can accelerate business processes, improve ways of working, and stimulate thinking. Within a major telecommunications firm I pioneered the use of crowd-sourced internal expertise to solve business problems - focusing on the community aspects rather than a top-down, technology orientated approach. Not only did this bring significant commercial benefits, it also helped to release the combined knowledge and IP of a sizeable workforce.


Today we have a myriad of tools supporting KM and collaboration. Yet every day in my work as a social enterprise consultant I’m reminded that throwing platforms at a problem does not guarantee success. It does not bring the people along with us. Money is wasted if we don't evolve collaborative behaviours and do the simple things like ensure everyone is working towards a shared and understood goal

Our history: bringing innovative and collaborative communities to life

At Innosis, we have a depth of experience delivering collaborative and innovative communities at some of the world's more significant companies.

Royal Dutch Shell

For Shell, we delivered Everyday Innovator workshops: Building teams by establishing goals, overcoming blockers and introducing innovation and collaboration behaviours.


At Australia's market leading telecommunications company we were responsible for successfully piloting key collaboration initiatives using SharePoint and then Yammer.

Parsons Brinckerhoff

One of the world's leading design and engineering consultancy - here we implemented innovation management:  building a culture of innovative thinking and collaboration to change the entire mode of operation between IT and the business.


A bold Australian startup marketing an online financial planning system. We rolled out a community built on Jive technology. Our work was people-focused - community creation, Community Management, engagement tactics and an end-to-end strategic community plan geared towards innovative thinking. 

Macquarie Group

A global investment bank and finance organisation, where we identified the strategic need for a community of practice to support a global delivery framework. This was designed and rolled out across all of Technology, bringing together offshore teams to innovate, problem solve and significantly, integrate with each other.

National Australia Bank

One of Australia's 'Big Four' banking firms. We worked with this group to develop a collaborative learning portal using SharePoint.


Helped this prominent global financial software company to refresh their social Intranet and create an environment that fostered innovation through natural collaboration across a globally disparate workforce.

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