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Innovation kick-start

The Innovation Kick-Start program does exactly that! We start your innovation culture. By creating a clear vision, removing the blockers and embedding the right behaviours, we get innovation flowing.


We optimise your digital collaboration tools. We build the environment that builds and promote innovation. It's not about scratching around for ideas. It's all about collaborating effectively to create opportunities, then applying innovative thinking to these to create innovation of real business value.


The services below are representative of an Innovation Kick-Start engagement. We can tailor this from as short as a one-week engagement through to a more comprehensive approach as needed. For a full end-to-end collaboration to innovation program, please see the Sustainable Innovation Program page for more details.

Ecosystem Review

Understand the existing collaboration and social tools available for staff, their business ownership and resourcing, and levels of use.

Understand the principal business processes, and identify the key collaboration points in such processes.

Understand existing innovation networks where applicable.

Identify hot-spots arrives to focus on using our i3 analysis and bench-marking tool.

Innovation Strategy Workshop

This session incorporates the findings of the review and analysis, identifying key business tools and processes to base innovative working on. We then collaboratively build the goals for innovation. We uncover the blockers and develop tactics to overcome these using our 9+Ten elements for success. This produces a bespoke set of goals and behaviours for your team to build innovation.

Everyday Innovators

Innovation is a skill that can be learned - we can give you the know-how to think differently.

Practical session(s) to introduce simple innovative techniques. Learn innovation skills and gain self-belief through a series of group exercises that enable simple innovative thinking to be applied in day-to-day working scenarios.

Collaboration Essentials

Workshop to unsure understanding of active vs passive collaboration. Skills and techniques are introduced to give the confidence to have conversations on social channels, working out loud, ensuring that knowledge is improved as it passes through the business.


One-on-one mentoring for one or more team members, ongoing as required. These sessions cover core collaborative and innovative behaviours to drive innovation as a sustainable way of working.

Innovation Kick-Off

A wrap-up of the strategy, digital tool adoption and the skill-sets identified to embed in the organisation in the form of a simple blueprint . We also engage with managers to help them understand their roles to support Everyday Innovators

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