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Everyday Innovators Coaching

An Everyday Innovator: Someone who naturally and proactively shares knowledge and ideas as a part of the way they work. A willing participant in a culture where individuals constantly seek new ways to renew and refresh themselves, their day-to-day roles,  and the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Our Everyday Innovators coaching provides a set of tactics and behaviors that bring innovation front and center to the way your people work, at any level.


We also provide specific Innovation Leaders training.  To think and act innovatively on complex business challenges. And, most importantly, to promote innovation from the workforce - from their teams, their colleagues and those whom they influence.


Everyday Innovator: Innovation Essentials


Rather than focusing on innovation as a top down idea creation exercise, our Everyday Innovators program draws innovation naturally out of everyday working. Add in simple innovative and creative thinking tactics, and you get Everyday Innovators: always renewing what they do and what they think.

We build self-belief. This is done through simple tactics and interactive sessions that show how easy it can be to change the way we work. We also introduce series of practical tactics that enable simple innovative thinking to be applied in day-to-day working scenarios.

Innovation Leaders


Specifically designed to bring innovative thinking into strategies and improving customer outcomes as well as building innovative teams.


We introduce future scenario planning as a method for strategy building. This technique is effective both in engaging teams in change planning as well as for creating business strategies.


We provide Innovative techniques applicable to solving immediate business challenges and identifying new opportunities to be exploited.

We also show the essential leadership techniques to draw and facilitate innovation from within teams - the most important aid to innovation. These behaviors provide both direction and the right environment for everyday innovation to flourish.



We're experts at facilitating new outcomes: behaviours, culture, learning.

Our innovative thinking workshops get people actively involved in innovative thinking techniques. We work through real scenarios and collaboratively work through proven techniques and behaviours.

We also facilitate scenario planning workshops to help develop strategic goals or visions.

Or we can work though a specific business need and facilitate outcomes using our proven workshop techniques.

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