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Collaborative Culture Programs

Whether you are rolling out cloud-based digital working, or simply want high performing teams, we identify and remove the blockers to collaboration.


Getting people working out loud, making your digital workplace work. We embed tactics and skills that will enrich collaboration: get teams working effectively across boundaries towards clear goals.

We offer clear tactics to re-position collaboration in the mindset of your people as a highly important and valuable business tool and to embed in roles, management & governance to make your business more responsive to client and market needs.

Below are further details about how we can get collaboration working for you:

Collaboration Blueprint

We look to understand existing collaboration and social tools available for staff, their business ownership and resourcing, and levels of use. We evaluate the principal business processes, and identify the key collaboration points in such processes. Understand existing innovation networks where applicable.
From here we create your Collaboration Blueprint - a design document which sets out a short-term and longer-term plan and specific hands-on tactics to build a mature collaboration environment around the targeted business process(es).

It includes recommendations for the appropriate use of existing tools, providing purpose and function for each and how best to use (or not use) them to support effective collaborative working.

Collaboration Kick-Start

Whether short-term project needs, or longer-term corporate goals, we know how to get people collaborating and working as a team. Through our facilitated sessions, we help you get conversations of high value working for you.

Digital Workplace

The transition from email and documents on file servers to shared documents and social collaboration tools  can hold you back.

We help your workplace engage with cloud-based, digital working. Overcoming the behavioural obstacles to get your people confidently collaborating in the open.

We run workshops for staff on what it means to 'work out loud', what this new way of collaborating means in terms of knowledge sharing and improving business flows and how to take away the fear of holding conversations in the open.

We develop inventive and easy to understand high level user guidance on the use of tools, to ensure a clear purpose for each and an overall intuitive approach to collaboration.


We offer a number of short-form Jet Pack workshops to solve business collaboration problems. Check out our What's a Jet Pack page for more details.

Communities of Practice

Communities are highly effective in sharing and improving knowledge. We can help you design and implement communities around key business and client needs and business processes.

Through analysis, design, training and mentoring, we ensure that you are equipped to ensure that your collective intellectual capital is connected to those who need it, and that it solves real business problems.

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