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Building smart digital teams

Building confidence to talk  Active collaboration culture  Building Enterprise social with purpose Strong digital networks  setting business goals  Working out loud

The workplace manual they don't give you!

Ever wish that if your teams could embrace the potential of the great digital tools you've given them, it would make a huge difference to your productivity and ultimately your customers?  

It's what we help you with. Getting teams working effectively and confidently in the digital workplace, making the most of the collaborative tools you've invested in. Making a substantial difference to your customer outcomes.

Collaboration Programs


Want to produce proficient and motivated digital networkers, ready to shrug off old school habits? This is the objective of our half-day masterclass. Not through technical training.

The Masterclass is a fluid, interactive workshop in which your team will learn the business relevance of the new digital tools at their disposal and approach them from a whole new perspective. We guide them towards new behaviours to enable them to work productively and innovatively in an open, collaborative digital environment.

Kick-start digital collaboration

Sometimes what's required is some strategy-setting as well as hands on culture-embedding.

This two-pronged program will create the right strategy for you, then help you embed it through our series of renowned Masterclass workshops, described above. It's all about building a digital savvy workforce from the ground up, with the confidence to talk, innovate and improve what you do for your customers.

Breathe life into your social tools

Turn your unloved enterprise social and collaboration tools into your innovation engine!

Highly focused tactics to get the most from your enterprise social tools - integrating them with key business processes, providing means for effective adoption and measurement, applying proven Community Management tactics. Turning under-utilised and unloved social collaboration tools into a powerful business weapon.

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