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Breathe new life into your social tools

Turn your unloved social and collaboration tools into your innovation engine.


We know how easily social collaboration tools, rolled out with the best intentions, can fail to deliver on their high expectations. How they can become just another complexity in an already complex digital workplace. We'll take you through the steps to to re-energise your social tools, give them clarity and fresh purpose, and in doing so turning them into a powerful innovation engine.


How does it work?


Firstly, we give social collaboration a clearer focus, a higher level objective: Innovation. It makes sense. Innovation, the connecting of people with ideas and opportunities, is a natural outcome of mature collaboration. Positioning innovation as the end purpose of collaboration sharpens focus around collaboration strategies and tactics. We have a range of innovative thinking workshops and tactics which can be run in parallel to help get your people onto the new frequency.


Secondly, we help you integrate your social tools with key business process. Connecting collaboration with business decision-making is essential.

Thirdly, we have tactics to build better collaborative behaviours for the people using the tools. Shifting their intrinsic motivation from 'I have to do it' to 'I want to do it', understanding why, and embracing the opportunity.  


Finally, we apply intelligent community-building practises and community management as a powerful force behind your social tools. Don't be surprised when we recommend your Community Manager be renamed your Innovation Manager - same job, sharper focus. Increasing the speed with which knowledge flows, facilitating connections, nudging and energising conversations, always with innovating as the goal.


These simple steps will turn your under-utilised and unloved social collaboration tools into a powerful business weapon.


We also provide innovative thinking workshops and tactics to get your people on the new frequency.

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